Ways to keep your Home Energy Efficient

There are ways that you can keep your home more energy efficient. One way is to seal up any air leaks that you find around your home. Air leaks can make chilly drafts throughout your home and have you paying more on your energy bill each month. It is important to find these air leaks and seal them up to prevent cold drafts in your home. Your windows and doors are a great place to check for air leaks in your home. Another thing you can do is to keep your heating and cooling system operating well. Have your heating and cooling system checked and maintained properly each year in your home by a professional. During the year you should check and clean the filters in your system on a regular basis.

Installing a new thermostat in your home could help keep your home more energy efficient. If you have a programmable energy efficient thermostat installed in your home this could help to save money each year. You can adjust the thermostat to a temperature that will be energy efficient in your home.

Some thermostats have an energy star label just for helping you choose the right thermostat that could help you to save the most money. Change the light bulbs in your home with light bulbs that are more energy efficient. These energy saving light bulbs have the same output as regular light bulbs but use a lot less energy. They can last up to ten times longer then regular light bulbs and are a smart choice when buying light bulbs for your home.

If you have old appliances, you should replace them with the more energy efficient models to save on your energy bill. Most appliances now days are more updated and energy efficient and will use less energy in your home. When looking for new appliances try and find them with the energy star label on them. These items have been tested to save you money and are energy efficient in your home. These are just a few of the ways that you can save on your energy bill and make your home more energy efficient.