Types of Greenhouse Heaters

There are generally four types of greenhouse heaters that are popular. Which is right for you is dependant on how cold it gets outside, how warm your greenhouse needs to be and which fuel type is readily accessible. There are pros and cons to each type of greenhouse heater but armed with a bit of information you can choose the one that will work best for you.

The smallest and most available greenhouse heaters that are often used are ordinary but effective space heaters. You can place these around the greenhouse where needed and since most come with a built in thermostat you should be able to maintain the temperature you need with some minor adjustments. These heaters from your local hardware store can be used in place of greenhouse heaters in smaller greenhouses. Forced air greenhouse heaters and furnaces are also popular for small greenhouses. You can connect a thermostat to the furnace to control inside temperature automatically, and the air is blown into the greenhouse via ducts or plastic tubing.

This type of greenhouse heater can move the air around the greenhouse and keep it sufficiently heated all winter long. Hot water and steam greenhouse heaters are useful because they maintain a constant steady temperature. They are primarily fueled by coal which heats the water outside of the greenhouse preventing dangerous fumes from contaminating and damaging your plants. These types of greenhouse heaters are especially useful in areas where coal is available at an affordable price, but they can also be fueled by natural gas.

Electric greenhouse heaters are also a common choice. You can use a heater that sits on the floor or hangs overhead. You also can choose to heat the soil of the plants directly which allows to keep a lower temperature in the greenhouse. Electric greenhouse heaters are efficient and easy to install making them a good choice.