Top Four Greenhouse Construction Tips

In some cases a greenhouse kit is just not going to cut it. When you live in extremely cold temperatures year round such as Alaska or you plan to garden in even the coldest winter months, you will need to build a permanent greenhouse. Greenhouse construction does not have to be done by a professional or fraught with expense. Here are some of the best greenhouse construction tips.

1. The first step in greenhouse construction is choosing a site for your greenhouse. The site of your greenhouse construction should have access to sunlight in the winter and the summer months for at least six hours per day. There should be minimum shade, and it should be easily accessible.

2. Your second step in greenhouse construction will be to lay the foundation. Your foundation can be treated wood or concrete, but it should be level and square. In areas where temperatures reach the freezing point you will need to build the foundation below the frost level to avoid damage.

3. Decide what type of paneling you will use in your greenhouse construction. Twin wall and Triple Wall are common and popular choices. Fiberglass is also a popular choice because it is very sturdy and break resistant but allows as much light as glass.

Make sure that your paneling is installed with good seals to prevent moisture or other elements from entering the greenhouse during construction. You will also want to make sure that your paneling protects against UV rays. The seals on the paneling should be air tight and you should make sure that you have maximum insulation from the cold if you will be gardening in the winter.

4. When you enter the framing phase of your greenhouse construction you will need to make sure that you frame for fans and ventilation systems. Measure the fans and vents that you will use carefully to make sure that you allow room for these within your framing. Also make sure that you seal these vents and fans in place around the glass and frame so that you do not lose precious insulation.