Thermostats for Greenhouse Heaters

An important aspect of greenhouse heaters is a thermostat. A thermostat will help you to maintain a constant temperature in your greenhouse regardless of outside temperature fluctuations. The thermostat turns the greenhouse heaters on and off automatically to regulate the temperature without any intervention from you. There are fancy electronic models as well as simple dial models. A thermostat will insure that your greenhouse heaters are functioning properly and only when needed.

Whatever type of thermostat you use to control your greenhouse heaters you need to make sure that the sensing devices are placed at the same height that the plants are kept. Because warm air rises, if you place it above the plants, the greenhouse heaters may not come on often enough and your plants will be too cool.

Also if you place it below the level of the plants where the air is cooler, then your greenhouse heaters may come on more than needed and your plants might get too warm. This is probably more of a problem in energy usage than danger to plants but is an important consideration. Placing the sensing device of the thermostat at the same height as the plants will make sure that they are kept in their ideal temperature.

You will also want to avoid placing them in direct sunlight or a dark corner. It is ideal to place them facing north and a small fan near them will help to optimize accuracy. You also want to avoid placing the thermostat right next to a door, which can cause the readings to fluctuate when the door opens. The positioning of the thermostat is vital to maintaining constant temperature and maximizing the output of your greenhouse heaters.