The Pros and Cons of Using Solar Power

Proponents of solar power would say that it is the way to fuel the future. Cynics tend to find reasons why solar power will not work. The truth is that there is some validity to both sides. There are both advantages and disadvantages of using solar power.

One reason solar power is so convenient is that there is not any requirement to find any source of fuel beyond the light of the sun. This means that no excavation or pumping is required to access the energy source, as in fossil fuels. Since the sunlight is readily available every day at least to some degree, it is easy to make use of its energy.

For every solar power system that is used, pollution is cut down that much more. Solar power is clean and puts off no harmful emissions into the atmosphere. It causes no pollution of the water supply and no fouling of the soil. There is simply no energy source that causes less damage to the earth.

Solar power systems can be expected to last a long time. They are tough-wearing and sturdy. They have to be built to last so that owners can recoup their investments. It turns out that solar power systems last much longer than that.

The reliability factor is important for any power source. Solar energy passes the test of dependability with flying colors. With a proper system, solar energy can keep a house off the utility power grid completely with a consistent power supply.

The costs for maintaining a solar power system are very low. Some components of the system may last decades without any maintenance at all. Solar panels are often warranted to maintain 80% of their efficiency for up to 25 years. Other parts will need to be replaced sooner, but if all goes well there should be no maintenance costs at all for the first five years.

A solar power system is neither too dangerous nor too complicated for most people to run. It requires no supervision from the government or any other agency because it poses no risks. The cost of running the systems is also very low.

There are certainly a few negative aspects of using solar power. Before consumers can have any solar power, they have to invest thousands of dollars. In five to ten years, they will make up the cost by saving on electrical bills. However, if people do not have the capital to make the initial outlay of cash, it is easier to get their electricity through their local utility company.

The other main reason that solar power is not ideal is that it doesn’t perform well on cloudy days or at all at night. Since most people still need power during these times, they have two choices. They can hook up to the power grid and get part of their energy from the utility company, or they can use battery storage. Both ways cost additional money.

In the end, the advantages of solar power far outweigh the disadvantages. It seems that the main sticking point is price. Yet, as green technology comes down in price, this kind of energy becomes even more desirable.