Supplementing Your Greenhouse Heaters

There are many alternative ways to supplement your greenhouse heaters. It can be very cost effective and save a lot of money in heating costs. Even though greenhouse heaters are efficient and effective you can supplement them with alternative heat sources to cut heating expenses.

Using the sun's heat is the very basis for owning a greenhouse, however many people do not fully utilize this free and plentiful resource to supplement greenhouse heaters. Simply painting the north inside wall of your greenhouse will help reflect light and heat back into the main area. In addition to this you can fill large black drums with water and the sun will heat these during the day. The heat that radiates from them at night will help your greenhouse heaters to warm the area. The sun can be a powerful resource to help maximize the efficiency of your greenhouse heaters. Many people are also using the natural heat given off during organic decomposition of compost to supplement their greenhouse heaters.

This method uses special compartments of composting manure which naturally give off heat during the decomposition of the material. If you have a plentiful amount of compost-able material available to you at a low cost you can use as a heat source and also to enrich your soil later. The compost can also be sold later as a soil additive to further offset the cost of heating. The process of composting manure and vegetable matter can be a valuable heat source in your greenhouse.

The costs of heating your greenhouse can be reduced by using alternative heat sources to supplement your existing greenhouse heaters. Using these heat sources can greatly reduce heating costs and even generate a renewable income. Even with the most efficient greenhouse heaters you can still cut costs even further with alternative heat sources.