Styles of Greenhouse Heaters

The style of greenhouse heater you choose to maintain a constant temperature in your greenhouse is dependant on your individual space and area. For example if you have lots of floor space but no wall space then you would want to choose a floor model greenhouse heater. There are many types and styles available and a careful examination of your greenhouse will help you to know which will operate at the highest efficiency.

Wall mounted heaters attach directly to a wall and therefore take up very little floor space. The thermostat can be located at the ideal location in most models. When centrally located these greenhouse heaters can distribute heat well with minimum usage. Wall mounted greenhouse heaters are also nice because they are stationary and it is easy to secure cords and avoid the risk of tripping.

Hanging greenhouse heaters can also be utilized for keeping the greenhouse at a constant temperature. They are also conservative of space because they hang down from the unused space above. The drawback to these heaters is that because warm air rises they can create a warm area up high but a cool area down lower at plant level. This problem can be easily remedied by the use of a ventilation fan and by placing the thermostat that controls them on the same level as the plants.

There are several styles of greenhouse heaters available, and one of them is right for your greenhouse. The key to choosing the correct one is evaluating your greenhouse and heating requirements carefully before heading out to shop. Your local retailer will be able to help you in choosing the correct style of heater for your greenhouse.