Making Greenhouse Heaters More Efficient

There are several ways you can increase the warmth in your greenhouse without the use of more greenhouse heaters. Although in all but the most mild climates supplementary warmth in the form of greenhouse heaters is needed, there are things you can do to improve efficiency. You will probably need to use greenhouse heaters, but the following tips should help minimize their use of power.

If you have not built your greenhouse then there are several factors to consider before choosing a site. You will want to maximize the suns energy by choosing a location that can collect as much of the southerly winter sun's rays as possible. If your greenhouse is to be attached to your home choose the south side, and either a treeless area or one that you can remove the trees and obstructions from. Collecting as much of the sun's energy as possible will maximize the efficiency of your greenhouse heaters.

To limit the use of your greenhouse heaters as much as possible it is wise to make sure the greenhouse is draft free. This means installing weather stripping around all the doors and windows and caulking or sealing any leaks or drafty places. Filling cracks in foundations with fiberglass insulation or expandable foam type sealant will also reduce the amount of cold air that can seep in. Making your greenhouse as airtight as possible will reduce the amount of power your greenhouse heaters will require to maintain consistent temperatures

Maintaining your greenhouse and keeping it airtight can greatly reduce the cost of heating it. Greenhouse heaters are made to be cost effective but they are limited when the structure isn't properly insulated and airtight. A few hours spent sealing any leaky areas and applying weather stripping can save a lot of money on energy consumption of your greenhouse heaters.