How Many Greenhouse Heaters

There are many available greenhouse heaters available for your small greenhouse. The plants need to maintain a constant temperature throughout the winter months and in many areas this means using greenhouse heaters. You will need to figure out how large of a heater you need for your greenhouse before you go shopping. Once you know the amount of output you require then you can look at the various types of greenhouse heaters and choose one that will work best for your greenhouse.

You need to know how much heating your greenhouse will require before you do any shopping. To do this you must know the difference between the temperature you want to maintain and the coldest expected temperature in your area. So if you need to maintain 65º F, and the coldest nighttime temperature outside will be 10º then your difference is 55º.

Greenhouse heating requirements will vary with the area so you need to know the difference between desired inside temperature and the coldest outside temperature. Once you know the temperature difference you are one step closer to knowing which of the many greenhouse heaters is right for you.

Now you need to figure the area of the exposed surface area. Once you find this number you can multiply it by the temperature difference and the resulting number needs to be multiplied by 1.2 if you have one layer of plastic and .8 if you have two layers. This number gives you the required BTU capacity the greenhouse heater will need. Now you are ready to go shopping and you will be able to choose the right one for you from the many greenhouse heaters available.