Global Warming

Global Warming

Global Warming is one of the most searched terms on Internet. This is the most commonly used word today. Even entertainment industry have not lagged behind in raising this issue. There were some movies which addressed this issue very poignantly like The Day After Tomorrow which addressed the issue of modern ice age. In many of the countries Global warming have acquired a political status. Many of the candidates pursuing the 2008 Presidential race in US have raised Global warming and climate change as prime issues.

In reality what is global warming?

Scientifically Global warming is defined as process that will lead in rising Earth’s temperature . This reason for rise in Earth's temperature is attributed to an increase in greenhouse gases. The reason for increase in green house gases is attributed to the human activities. The temperature of Earth is raising at alarming levels.

Solar Energy

In order to harness solar energy it is very important to know What is Solar Energy? Solar energy as the name suggests is the energy from Sun. Solar energy is automatically produced when Sun shines and radiates energy. Solar energy could be found on anything which is being hit by Sun shine. Lifeforms on earth is supported by solar energy. Even long before the energy of fossil fuels were harnessed solar energy was used by our forefathers to conduct their day to day activities like focusing on some object with thick lens under sunlight produced fire. Similarly people in some civilizations kept their house warm by building it with its face towards sun.

The Sun rays hit the earth but they are not focused on particular point instead they are scattered. Even if this energy is concentrated on one object it becomes difficult to trap it for some use. Only 16 % of energy which falls on Earth is absorbed rest all are reflected or absorbed due to various reasons. The solar energy is absorbed by oceans, landmasses and plants.