Gas and Electric Greenhouse Heaters

Gas powered greenhouse heaters or primarily powered by propane or natural gas, and may require installation of a natural gas line or propane tank. If you live in the city or a town you may have natural gas lines in place where your greenhouse is located. Prices can vary so be sure to call your local provider and discuss your options and the costs of using natural gas for your greenhouse heaters.

If you live in a rural area there will not be an existing natural gas line, so you will likely have to use propane greenhouse heaters. A call to your local propane company will tell you exactly how much the propane costs. They can also tell you how much it will cost to purchase or rent a propane tank. It is a good idea to check your local paper as well because you can often buy a used propane tank from and individual for less.

If you choose to rent a tank or have one of your own filled there will be a minimum amount they will require you to purchase. As this can vary significantly be sure to ask ahead and if there is more than one company call and get a quote from others as well.

Propane and natural gas can be the efficient and wise choice for powering your greenhouse heaters. They are readably accessible almost anywhere and setup fees shouldn't be too expensive. Gas power is also more dependable and you won't have to install a backup system to cover power outages such as is needed for electric greenhouse heaters.