The Garden – A Peaceful Heaven

One of the best things about flower gardens is that they not only add beauty to your yard, they can also provide a peaceful heaven for quiet retreat. A garden can be a place of refuge; a quiet escape from the many stresses that life can impose upon us.

If you are considering planting and growing roses, you have several choices to make. First of all, you want to consider the climate in the area where you live. Roses grow best in climates where temperatures never get too extreme either way, and they prefer a soil that drains well. Rosebushes are thirsty plants, too, and welcome fairly long rainy seasons. If you live in an area that is hot and dry a good deal of the time, try to find roses that have been bred to better withstand this type of climate.

Decorative benches can be placed in strategic places in and around your garden. A small pond, preferably one with a waterfall, can be placed in a spot within your garden. Large or small stone statues can add to the beauty and overall peaceful atmosphere of your garden. If your garden is fairly large, you could even place a gazebo in the middle of it. The possibilities for making your garden a place for peaceful retreat are endless, and accomplishing this goal simply depends on your preferences.

When a garden becomes a heaven, it enhances the area around it, and benefits anyone who visits it. Stand back and look at your garden, then use your imagination to envision how it could become even more inviting.