Check around your Home and make it more Energy Efficient

If you have not already done so this year, it is a good ideal to check your home for air leaks and drafts. Air can get into your home from places like doors, windows, vents, chimneys, baseboards and other places in your home that you may not be aware of. An air leak or draft can come in from any type of small crack or opening. And sometimes you don’t know about this unless you check around your home. When you find out where the drafts are coming from in your home, you should seal up these places to keep the cold air from getting into your home and make you home more energy efficient.

If you go around your home on a windy day you can generally find out where your air leaks are coming in from. They could be coming in from different areas around your home. Your windows can let drafts into your home. The way to stop this from happening is to seal around your windows with silicone caulking.

Silicone caulking will fill in any of the cracks around your windows where air is coming in. You can also use foam stripping around your windows to seal up air leaks. Some people put plastic over their windows each year to keep the cold air from getting in around their windows. Making your home more energy efficient is a good way to save money on your energy bill each month.

The doors in your home are also a place that you will want to check for drafts coming into your home. You can purchase certain items to help seal around your doors like weather stripping. You can get various types of weather stripping for your doors. The weather stripping is placed around your doors, sealing your doors tighter when they are closed. This will keep cold air from coming in around your doors and can make your home more energy efficient. There are many ways we can make our homes more energy efficient. The first step is checking around your home for cold air and drafts, and finding out where they are coming from. Then sealing them up so that your home is more comfortable to live in.