Advantages of a Portable Greenhouse

A portable greenhouse is a greenhouse that can be erected and taken down easily. You can find a portable greenhouse in any number of gardening stores or departments. There are many advantages to using a portable greenhouse.

First, the portable greenhouse does not take up as much room as the traditional greenhouse kit. The portable greenhouse is actually fairly small, and can be erected and taken down within less than an hour for easy, space saving storage during the cold winter months. This way you are not taking up your yard space with a greenhouse that you will only use for a few months out of the year.

Second, the portable greenhouse costs much less than traditional greenhouse kits. You can often purchase a portable greenhouse for around two hundred dollars, whereas a typical greenhouse kit can cost between three and seven hundred dollars. They have the same features as most greenhouse kits, such as zipper screen doors and vents, so you are not losing anything but space and keeping money in your wallet at the same time.

Third, the portable greenhouse is sturdy even though it can be taken down easily for storage. The materials for the siding are the same tear resistant UV protected materials used on typical greenhouse kits. The frame is made of sturdy steel which is assembled with bolts and/or self locking parts. A portable greenhouse lengthens your gardening time. You can start planting seeds or seedlings in the early spring months rather than waiting for warmer climates without worry of a late frost. You can also keep your flowers and plants fresh and blooming into the fall, extending your seasons for your favorite hobby—gardening of course!

A portable greenhouse is much better than the typical greenhouse kits. The most inexpensive kits are only good for the same times as a portable greenhouse. You cannot use them in the winter and successfully protect your plants from the cold. More expensive permanent greenhouses allow you to garden year round, but this can be more expensive and time consuming than it is worth. Since the portable greenhouse can be stored in the winter months, it is much better for routine gardeners.